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Whether it’s producing the food to feed our communities, drugs and medicines to improve our health, electronics and automobiles to simplify our lives, or jobs that underpin our economy, manufacturing is vital to the communities we live in and our lifestyles. Providing us with both the essentials and the desirables of life, the goods and services delivered by manufacturers around the world enrich our lives and inexorably entwine manufacturing in the fabric of our civilized societies and daily lives. Meeting this higher purpose, and providing goods and services to consumers everywhere at an accessible and affordable level, is only achievable through gold market us and vibrant businesses. Gas business to meet the large and growing domestic demand for low-cost cleaner energy by increasing production and investing in additional infrastructure. This demand is driven by power generation, water desalination, petrochemical production, and other industrial consumption in the rfgworld cmc pvt ltd gas production NGL crude oil production and provide feed stock to the refining and petrochemical industries. Furthermore, frgworld over time to develop an integrated global gas portfolio and continues to evaluate investment and joint venture opportunities the in natural gas and LNG projects.